VR for Confocal Microscope Image-Stacks

(HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Microsoft Mixed-Reality)


Use ImageJ from NIH to convert confocal microscope image stacks into 3D volumetric object files (NIfTI ) that you can then view in fully immersive Virtual Reality, via HTC Vive, Oculus RIft, or Microsoft Mixed Reality.  Developed for researchers to allow you to see details of cell structure in your images that may never have been seen nor appreciated before. 

This software is licensed for free to non-profit applications. For commercial license please contact us via the "Contact" tab above.

See extended descriptions of ConfocalVR    here:


  • This application is not compatible with mobile phone based VR systems because of the compute power needed to render high fidelity volumetric images within a fully immersive 6DOF experience.
  • Only compatible with Windows OS, because currently this is the only compute platform supporting the VR hardware systems
  • There is an alternate download site for nifti_io plugin.

Available for a limited time: $4999 ImmSci VR Workstation